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Testing, Testing

Welcome, old friends and new, to Knives. We’re still trying to get the ol’ ducks in a row here, but at least now there are three chapters up. We have a thoroughly unsatisfying PayPal-progress-thermometer-thingie in, and not tested at all. Noble Beta testers, welcome! The god of prepackaged software that falls short of its promise awaits your feedback!

This theme is easy on the eye, is nicely focussed on the reader, and (theoretically) treats phones well. But for reasons beyond my comprehension the version of the site you are looking at behaves slightly differently than the test site I built at first. Specifically, the sidebar with the PayPal crap is not scrolling.

So let me know how things look on your computers and other devices. I’m going to fix up the chapters and post up to chapter five to start with, and see if I can get the kinks worked out of the system.

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