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About Knives

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Knives is a fantasy serial directly supported by a community of readers. To get he ball rolling, episode releases are tied to reaching modest support goals. The concept is pretty simple; when donations reach a certain level, the next episode goes up. But even simple-sounding things lead inevitably to a few questions:

Q: How much does a chapter cost?
A: You can support Knives for as little as 10¢ an episode. (Maybe even less; I haven’t tried it.) To make it possible to pledge very small amounts, I set it up so you actually pledge for ten episodes at a time. You are not charged until I reach episode 10, 20, and so on.

To encourage the community to spread the word about Knives, I have set support goals to reach before releasing each new episode.

Q: If I pledge more, do I get more?
A: Yes! Rewards for my bestest of friends include signed hard copies of the book when it is complete, and access to rather ridiculous amounts of background material. The patron-only section of the site is still under construction, but it should be ready in the soonish sort of timeframe.

In the more distant future, I will be adding a bookmark feature, which will allow patrons to more easily pick up reading where they left off.

Q: How often will new episodes come out?
A: At first, because the episodes already have rough drafts, the main limiting factor will be reaching support targets. After we hit a beer-money level support rate, expect a new episode every week or two. That means as a patron you will get billed every three months or so. The more support Knives gets, the faster they new episodes will come!

Q: Will this story ever end?
A: Yes.

Q: When?
A: A long time from now.

Q: So let me get this straight — I pay for chapters and everyone can read them?
A: Yes. You do it because you are a fine human being. Also, as I work out the technology, supporters over a certain level will have access to badly-written backstories and other fun stuff. Eventually. But really you’re supporting the story because, as previously mentioned, you are a fine human being.

Q: I’ve got no cash, but I love this idea! How can I help?
A: I really, really need an artist for a drawing or three. I can even offer money. Just not very much.

Q: Where can I get that awesome Patreon plugin?
A: I made it. I can’t sell it. We can talk.