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A Quick Progress Update

Episodes haven’t been coming out that quickly lately, and for that I apologize. However, I’ve just spent the last couple of weeks at summer camp with (among others) the incomparable Kij Johnson roughing out the next few episodes, bringing us to a Big Moment in the story. Smoke and confusion and pain and death. Soon(ish). A few other episodes first.

Then I went back to wrap up the episode that was almost ready for release two weeks ago when I started the workshop, and I realized why I had been reluctant to push the “publish” button: at the end of the episode our little band was exactly where they were at the start. It was interesting, and kind of fun, but nothing moved.

I fixed that problem in a way that really pleases me, but with all the new prose I need a little more time to make sure the people are human and the places feel real (my constant struggle). I also now need another episode between this one and the following roughed-out ones. It’s not about the destination; it’s about killing the assholes who don’t want you to get there.

But hang in there, my friends. Pain and death and smoke and confusion are right around the corner.

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