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Month: May 2019

Episode 51 Published!

In the history of this series, no episode has been rewritten as many times as this one has. There have been three “final” versions that bear no resemblance to the actual final product, and countless drafts to reach those three almost-finals. Body count was all over the map.

Honestly, it’s not even that pivotal of an episode. It’s more of a connect-the-dots moment, when things gotta get done but getting things done needs to be interesting. On the page, it’s a confrontation that is completely out of balance, the outcome not in question, only the price that must be paid. It turned into a chance for Bags to do what he does second-best.

After all that work, I have to say I really like this one. There are even a couple of moments that will pay forward handsomely. There’s even some overt humor. Fans of this story might have a hard time believing that in some writing circles I’m known for my humor. (I also have a hard time believing that.)

Behind the scenes, it feels good to get past this episode. I have a lot written ahead of this, but to be honest not a whole lot of Episode 52. It’s going to be up to Claire to make 52 work.

So please enjoy Episode 51: We Mean You no Harm.

Episode 50 Published!

Welp, it’s been a while, and I’m sorry about that. Things, you know. Stuff. Life.

But I have not abandoned this story, and I believe more than ever in Martin and Elena and the rest. And there’s stuff gonna happen that will blow your socks off.

But we can’t ignore that episodes are slow in coming these days. Episode 50 is supposed to be a payday episode, but let’s just hold off until I can prove I can deliver the sharp and pointy goodness.

This episode has a lot of talking and no killing at all, but it accomplishes some key storytelling points, and Martin sees the future — although a suspect one.

This episode was supposed to be about the arrival of the group at their next stop, but as I built the morning scene it grew into a thing of its own. I spent a little extra time on the small details (meaning I didn’t ignore them), and I like the feel I got.

Behind the scenes, I’m gong to have to accept that perfection is the enemy of progress. I look back and I see a flawed story, but I see a fun story.

On the storytelling front, one of my biggest challenges is my choice of first-person narrative. It means I can’t cut to the Bad Guys In Their Tower when I need a device to increase tension. I have to find a way for Martin to feel what the BGITT are doing. This will get easier now that the Bad Guys understand who he is. But Martin is very good at hiding.

Finally, thank you once more, loyal patrons. You faith will keep this story moving forward.

Please enjoy Episode 50: A Sense of Purpose