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Month: June 2016

Episode 15 Live!

Just when you think you might have a little time to teach a profane young woman the subtleties of slicing people up, along comes the army. I like this episode, both for the quiet time that allows us to learn a little more about Martin as he introduces Elena to her new knife, and for her reaction. It is a time of bonding between the two. But even if they are friends, they may not always agree.

Not a lot of news to share about the ongoing construction of this site, so let’s just move on to the link:

Elena’s Knife

Episode 14 Released!

Episode 14 turned out to be massive, so I chopped off the last third, both to get a release out sooner, and to make the size of the episode less of a commitment to readers. In the process I realized I had sent Martin and Elena out into the world without an object I had taken great care to create, so I tweaked episode 13 a bit to move Elena’s knife along.

The split means Episode 15 is already warming up on the tarmac, but needs a bit more TLC before it’s cleared for takeoff.

I also made some changes behind the scenes that don’t really matter to you much, except that now links between episodes are done automatically and the Table of Contents will always be correct without my manual intervention. More important, it’s the first step toward a feature to the table of contents that will let patrons see whether they have already read an episode.

Episode 14: Leaving Mountain Hole

Episode 13 released!

I’m pretty stoked about this one. There’s a shift, perhaps hard to spot now, that will have massive consequences. But it’s going to take time; Martin’s second-greatest skill is disappointing those around him.

From a writer’s perspective, I thought this was going to be a slam-dunk episode but it turned out to be quite a lot of work — for good effect. There are some nuances here that expand the characters. That’s what has me most excited about this one. There’s a chunk of esplainin’ but I think it works as the narrator is talking about how things used to be.

For your pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Episode 13: Departure.