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Month: April 2016

Screw It, I’m Publishing Episode 9

I’ll be reworking the goals over at Patreon, I think, because I’m just too impatient to hold back episodes. I’m sending Episode 9 out into the world now, for all y’all to enjoy. Woo hoo!

Read Episode 9: Mrkl

Mrkl has finally arrived. He and Martin seem to have a history.

Episode 9 Itchin’ for Freedom

I’m excited enough about Episode 9 of Knives that I’ve dropped the patronage target for it just a tad, to improve the chances of it going out soon.

Yep, we just need one more person to pitch in at the minimum amount, and the next episode is rolling out! It’s a big-ass episode (perhaps too big) with lots of brand-new stuff. Meanwhile, back in the bunker, I’m polishing up Episode 10 — another biggie — and laying the keel for Episode 11.

The fundraising goals for each episode will diminish over time, as we reach a beer-money run rate, but I’d like to shoot for at least a little steady growth. So, tell your friends and get them on board! Or at least one of your friends. For now, that’s all we need.

Episode 8 is now Live

Another episode already? You bet! You owe it all to the generous people who are supporting this project.

Today Martin makes himself at home in Mountain Hole, and earns a new nickname from Elena.

Read Episode 8: Wine and Beauty

Episode 9 is on the runway; it just needs one more editing/enriching pass and it will be ready to fly.

Episode 7 Released!

Wow! with a sudden burst of pledges (I can’t thank you enough, everyone), suddenly I’ve got some episodes to release. Episode 7 went live moments ago, and I’ll get Episode 8 road-worthy real soon (it’s almost there…).

All y’all rock.

Read the episode!

Knives Episode 6 Released!

Although still 11¢ away from the fundraising goal for Episode 6, I’m tired of waiting and so I’m sending it out into the world. Our little group will slog into the infected pimple on the face of the Earth known as Mountain Hole. But at least there’s booze there.


Read the episode!