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Support Knives!

Knives has been a hoot to work on, but hoots don’t put beer in the fridge. You can show your support for this little venture by pitching in even a very small amount per episode.

Over at you can make contributions to keep this story going string. When you pledge, you are promising that amount for every ten episodes published. The amount you pledge will be charged to you after episode 10, then 20, and so forth.

Why ten?

First, there are going to be a lot of episodes, so a dollar an episode might seem steep to people. (Although on a monthly basis that still won’t be all that much.) Second, the fees charged eat up a big chunk of that single dollar, so letting people specify a larger amount for a larger number of episodes means more of that money reaches me.

Even at just 10¢ an episode you can make a difference, and let me tell you I’ll appreciate that act of faith, but for those awesome few who want to contribute fifty cents or even a dollar per episode, a lot more of that money will find its way into my refrigerator.

To encourage people to support the story, I’m setting targets for the chapters six and beyond. When income-per-episode crosses thresholds, the next episode will come out. This encourages me (and you!) to go out there and get the new readers that this story needs to succeed. The first thresholds will be fairly low, so the episode rewrites for the first fifteen chapters will (hopefully) come out quickly.

And, thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou.