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Beta Tester Needed

So I have patrons now, and I have an area on my site that is supposedly for patrons only. But does it work? Heck if I know. Someone else’s code, and whatnot. Are any of my kind and noble friends willing to help me test it? As soon as I know how it works, I’ll start posting all the backstory content I owe y’all. (Although a little of Bags’ backstory is spoiler-ish, so the last few chapters will have to wait until after a particular upcoming episode comes out.)

Meanwhile, I’ll be reaching out to the Mighty Benefactors of All Things Sharp and Pointy to determine whose backstory comes after Bags’.

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  1. Bob Bob

    Duct tape is my recommendation for little office chairs that need help.

    Also, would love to read backstories!

    • Jerry Jerry

      Watch for that first installment this weekend!

  2. martin_baxter martin_baxter


    I’m logged in to WordPress, with Knives as the site, as you can see from this comment. Still can’t see the backstories. Let me know if there’s a different login I should be using. If not, maybe you can just mirror the content to unlinked pages.

    Let’s Talk! page does this: Error loading page

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