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Bags’ Backstory: The Whole Mess

I’d like to pause to make a couple of notes before we dive headlong into Bags’ muddled, rambling backstory

First, if you’re reading this, I owe you a great deal of thanks. So, thanks!

Second, this is rambling and pretty long, so I’ve broken it up into a few chunks. In the technical parlance of publishing, a chunk is somewhat bigger than a blob and smaller than a pile.

Probably maybe someday I’ll break it into chapter-sized pieces and get the auto-bookmark feature working, to help you keep track of your place. Someday.

If you’ve read Chapter 1 already, you have a decent idea what lies ahead, though there are definitely some parts with more enriching description and characterization. The world is drifting at the start, amorphous, but some elements gradually solidify as the work goes on. If you look carefully, you might get to see the evolution of some of the pillars that hold up the world Knives takes place in. Other elements don’t solidify so much, but that’s the way it goes.

There are even a couple of experimental themes in this big heap o’ words! See if you can spot them!

Some of the other characters in this backstory will eventually be making an appearance in the main narrative. There’s one kinda-mysterious guy I meant to do more with but never did, and Bags makes a friend or two along the way, people who seem likely to rise to prominence themselves.

The last part of the backstory contains parts that are still a bit spoily, so they will have to wait until a few more chapters of Knives have come out.

I hope you like this little tale, unedited and unplanned as it is. Thanks once more for your support!

Chunk 1

Chunk 2

Chunk 3

Chunk 4

Chunk 5